Reward program

Beach Party

Refer 3 New Members

Receive 100 points

Refer 5 New Members

Receive 250 points

Refer 10 New Members

Receive 1000 points

Refer 15+ New Members

Receive 2000 points

Carrying a Board

Please Note: In order to receive points the new member has to book travel and have completed their trip. Access to the Rewards program requires an active membership.

Become a member today.

Image by Jason Leung


100-2000 points

Use on your next vacation or sponsor your special someone.

Image by Deepak Yadav

Portable Speaker

1000 points

Use at home or on the go, perfect for beach parties or your favorite music in every room that you are in.

Gift Card

100-250 points

Use at your favorite restaurant or shop worldwide.

Image by John Smit

Wireless Headphones

1000 points

Jam to your favorite music on your next flight.

Image by Lazar Gugleta

Wireless Assistant

250 Points

When you return home you will be coming back to your personal voice assistant. Play music, make voice calls, turn on lights, and more.

Image by Ashin K Suresh

Large Cash Sum

2000 points

Hard work pays off! This reward is worth cash or two other rewards, your choice.